23 Jan, 2019

Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation

We are committed to showcasing the bricklaying trade as one with integrity, professionalism and innovation. If you are a project manager looking to secure our unique services, we’d love to connect. ...

16 Jan, 2019

Bricklaying is not Outdated

We are bricklayers who care about the art of bricklaying. Despite coming across as “outdated,” we understand the integrity that a good foundation of brick can have on your building project. To lea ...

9 Jan, 2019

Our Work in Insurance Claims

Whether it’s for a residential home, a corporate dwelling, or a commercial building, we will work with you to deliver an outcome where your client is delighted with the results of their insurance cl ...

2 Jan, 2019

Melbourne's Preferred Contractor

We are proud to be Melbourne’s top preferred contractor in bricklaying and stone masonry. Our ability to go the extra mile, while delivering work on schedule is what makes us truly unique from the r ...

26 Dec, 2018

Urgency is our Expertise

We understand that determining costs is a crucial part in the building process and supply all of our clients with accurate quotes that are competitively priced and delivered within 48 hours. To learn ...

16 Dec, 2018

Helping you Win that Contract

When it comes to commercial projects, our first priority is to help you win the contract. That is why we offer quick turn-around for quotes and high-calibre work in bricklaying and stone masonry. To l ...

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Since forming in 2013, the business culture of Brickit has centred on providing builders with a brand of bricklaying service that systematically supports the success of their projects. Not just from start to finish, but from an understanding of what it takes to create strong and lasting work relationships built on bonds of professional trust and respect.
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